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First Ride On A CF

I posted this on BROL, but now that I've become a CF Junkie, I thought I'd join this forum, too.

I was looking for a new Bent Bike, but found something even better!

Here's my review;

They had a beautiful, Red RANS Fusion model sitting on the floor. I sat on it the last time I was there, but didn't take it for a ride because I had a friend with me and he needed to leave. I wasn't even sure if it was big enough for me.

Well, it was just big enough for my long legs! Leo set it up and off I went for a test ride.

If a trike gives you Triker's Grin, I guess I had a Cranker's Grin going from ear to ear! What a blast that CF was to ride! Randy, you have made one awesome bike!

Before I discovered the comfort of a trike, I enjoyed riding my MTB on and off road. But now, sitting on a regular upright bike literally feels like someone is trying to shove a brick up my keester sideways!

Riding the CF was as natural as hopping back on my old MTB but without any of the discomfort. ZERO learning curve!

When I rode the LWB's, I'd do one lap around the big parking area and come back. With the Fusion, I rode at least 6 laps and I did not want to get off that thing!

Leo was standing in front of the LBS waiting for me. On the second lap, I rode past him smiling like an idiot and said "Me likey!" as I went around again and again.

When I finally forced myself to get off the bike, I told Leo riding that bike felt like falling in love with an old girlfriend all over again.

As you can tell by now, I am an absolute Crank Forward Freak after just one test ride!

Although the Fusion was a blast to ride, I think I'd rather get a Sequoia (for taller riders) or the Alterra 29.

I want a bike to ride on and off road because I have miles and miles of open desert and all kinds of dirt roads to ride on in this area.

I don't do any of that crazy ass Banzai Kamikaze off roading where you go bouncing over logs and big rocks. I just like to ride on dirt roads and trails through the woods. I like being off road, but I'm not an adrenaline junkie.

Well, there ya have it, Ladies and Gentleman. I didn't find a bent bike I liked, but I do know I will be getting a CF bike ASAP! I'll still check out those SWB's when I get an opportunity to do so, but I just HAVE TO have a CF!


Re: First Ride On A CF

Thanks for the wonderful reaction to our product. I hope you will be riding your own soon! We would love to hear about your adventures on a CF.

Re: First Ride On A CF

randy schlitter
Thanks for the wonderful reaction to our product. I hope you will be riding your own soon! We would love to hear about your adventures on a CF.

Well, I had a blog for my regular trike rides, so I will do the same when I get my CF. I think I'll get a Sequoia since I'm a tall guy.

Re: First Ride On A CF

Hey, Bubba,

I read your review on both BROL and here - well done! Glad you'll contribute here as well. I've had Rans CF fever since my first test ride. Our stable consists of two Fusions, one with a Bionx for my hubby and the ST for me. Look forward to your Sequoia review when you get it. Enjoy and welcome!

aka TrikeDiva