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Welcome to our forum. With the number of CF bikes growing, customers have expressed a need for a message board dedicated to CF bikes. We hope this message board gives you the chance to exchange stories or ideas that will continue the growth of Crank Forward Bikes. Feel free to post a message.

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Lessons my Zenetik Pro Taught Me

I recently purchased a Zenetik Pro frame and have finished building it up. So far so good! I didn’t think I would like it this much. It’s my fast, go-to bike when I want a no-frills commuter and need to get somewhere quickly or if I am feeling the need for speed.

A little background first. When setting up my Hammertruck, I tried many different seat/riser/handlebar positions, but initially I adjusted the seat so it was perfectly level, and put the handlebar riser pointing back towards me and raised higher and level. I felt aerodynamically similar to the space shuttle sitting on top of the vehicle crawler-transporter but it felt comfortable. I was concerned at first to try to keep my back and neck from bothering me after switching from a fully supported fiberglass seat on my recumbent.

However, when I was setting up the Zenetik Pro, the best position I found was with lower handlebars and the seat angled downward at about a 45 degree angle. It felt almost recumbent-like and seemed to better incorporate using the seat when pedaling to push against, and obviously had lower wind-resistance.

Switching back to the Hammertruck recently to ride it again, the original position suddenly felt all wrong. A few minutes and adjustments later, the riser was pointing forward, the handlebars angled downward, and the seat angled downward at a 45 degree angle just like the Zenetik Pro. Suddenly it feels just right! And I’m not as aerodynamically challenged and it is still as comfortable.

I took it out on Super-Bowl Sunday to pick up quite a bit of Chinese take-out from downtown. It was a glorious day to ride; the position felt natural and it held the pick-up with ease. With that much capacity, it’s similar to using a suitcase to carry just your wallet but I still felt that I accomplished something by not taking the car and didn’t feel as bad when I had extra portions of the food later that evening.

Re: Lessons my Zenetik Pro Taught Me

Sounds like you have two nice cf bikes and have taken the time to set them up properly.Can't wait for my Zenetik to be up and running.Will set the seat and handle bar as you have and work from there.

Re: Lessons my Zenetik Pro Taught Me

Good report and observations Dan. Glad you are getting the HT and Zen sorted...which are at opposite ends of the performance spectrum. I haven't tried the CF seat at such a downward angle, but I love that it's on a quick release and you can play with it anytime during a ride.

Which handlebar are you using on each bike?


Re: Lessons my Zenetik Pro Taught Me


Which handlebar are you using on each bike?

On the Hammertruck I am using the Summit Cruiser bar on a curved forward-facing riser. I have the bar ends pointed downward.
On the Zenetik Pro I am using the standard B53 flat handlebar on a short straight riser.

Re: Lessons my Zenetik Pro Taught Me

Good stuff Dano, I take my HT almost everywhere nowdays, having that carrying capcity is awesome, you are never limited from being on a bike.

As for seat position, it is personal, but I prefer down tilt, for many reasons, the big on it gives a bit more of a core work out when you ride.

Re: Lessons my Zenetik Pro Taught Me

Exactly! I wasn't comfortable with the downward tilt at first as it felt like I was going to slide off the seat. However, once I adjusted the handlebars, risers and seat collectively instead of individually, it just seemed to click in place for me and I prefer it. I seem to be able to generate a bit more power and the pressure seems to be evenly disbursed.