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Welcome to our forum. With the number of CF bikes growing, customers have expressed a need for a message board dedicated to CF bikes. We hope this message board gives you the chance to exchange stories or ideas that will continue the growth of Crank Forward Bikes. Feel free to post a message.

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Fusion, Dynamik or Citi

After trying a noseless saddle on my DF bike I quickly realized that it would be very comfortable if it were significantly further back. So I started looking at crank forward bikes very soon after and I plan to buy one.

The only bike I could try was the Rans Cruz and only for a very short ride. I liked it, but I think I might be better off with an other model.

My goal is to get a replacement for my DF mountain bike that I can use for commuting, some light off-road riding and maybe even for century rides and tours if I turn out to like it more than my recumbent (that is to be finished this weekend). When I feel comfortable on a bike I tend to sit nearly all the time and spin.

I like the Fusion because of it's more laid back geometry, but I don't like that in the front fork tire clearance is quite limited. Also, i've read that the front tyre carries little weight and this could be a problem. So I started looking at the Dynamik. However, I'm afraid that to avoid thigh interference with the seat I would have to tilt the seat down a lot and would end up with similar problem as with the noseless saddle: I get thigh interference or I keep sliding down from the seat, or both, depending on the seat angle. Is this a problem with the Dynamik?

Because I plan to use the bike without a front deraileur (only internal gear hub in the rear), buying a Citi frameset is also an option. Is there any geometry difference between the City and the Dynamik apart from the curved tubes? Is one of the framesets lighter?

Thanks for reading and any answers.

Re: Fusion, Dynamik or Citi

Great questions Miklos. Which noseless saddle did you try?

I have a lot of info on my CF page (still under construction for 2011 changes...and waiting for new frame set pricing info)...that might be helpful to you:

How comfortable were you on your DF bike, with regards to upper body, hands/wrist, neck etc.? Nothing wrong with going straight to a Fusion/Cruz geometry, but it you were okay on your DF bike with your upper body comfort then the Dyn/Zen or even the newer more upright Alterra geometry would be worth considering. There is very little thigh/seat interference on the Alterra saddle, which is trimmed down maybe 40% from the stock CF seat pan with plenty of material removed from the interference area to accommodate the steeper pedaling angle.

From what you described in your requirements/replacement desires, I would look at the Alterra (frame set) or perhaps with base level Dynamik components as shown here:

...or a Alterra 29r with a rigid fork. Not need for a shock on either if you are planning on say 80% city riding and 20% off-road tooling around, as a wide cross section tire can give you all the comfort you need without the weight or expense of a shock.

Yes, the Dyn/Zen/Citi/Street all share the same geometry, except they use different tubing diameters and profiles.

If there is any you can get a test ride and compare the Fusion/Cruz geometry with the other more upright models that would be the best route. Or jump on good used CF deals and go through the learning process to see which works best. I can find a comfortable setup on every geometry, as can about 85% of the CF riders out there, and customers I've talked to.


Re: Fusion, Dynamik or Citi

Thanks Nanda.

I tried and am still using the Hobson Easyseat II. I used to have no serious problem with any part of my body except my bottom. Sometimes I had numb hands, but that wasn't very bad. The noseless saddle changed this, now my bottom doesn't hurt, but everything else does. :) Also, in the current setup it does interfere with pedaling somewhat.

Trying different CF bikes seems to be impossible because I'm in Hungary and these bikes become extremely expensive while they get here. The price more than doubles. I suspect that the bike I tried might be the only Rans CF in the whole country.

Re: Fusion, Dynamik or Citi

The solution for thigh rub for me was more padding. I ride an Alterra with the standard seat, three seat covers and the front bump removed. I don't have any seat discomfort or thigh rub, and I'm someone who always has seat discomfort. This setup allows me to make the seat level, which gives me the most stability. If you find any non-alterra RANS Crankforward seats give thigh rub then you can raise them up and sit closer to the front.

That said of the three options you've listed I would suggest the dynamik, because you can more easily off-road with it. I have found that a handlebar with more rise can be used to eliminate any and all hand pressure on the dynamik.