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Altera TI

Couple quick questions:

The S&S website says that their couplers have a quickfold option which lets you put the bike in the trunk of a car? Does anyone have experience with this? How quick is quick? Would it fit in the back of a Honda Fit?

I have experience w/ a RANS Dynamik. One of the key things I liked was that it was very stable and I felt safe that it would be very hard to do an endo. Since they've changed the geometries, is the Altera still Endo-proof?


Re: Altera TI

I have three S&S DF(Surly LHT 26", Surly Travelers Check, Salsa El Mariachi) and a RANS V-Rex. Most of the time spent in assembly/disassembly is in removing and reinstalling the accessories to fit in the S&S travel case. If you are putting it in a car and are only disconnecting three cables and two couplers you should be able to do this in less than 5 minutes if you do it routinely, else around 10 minutes.

The new Alterra Mini may be a better option for a Honda Fit. I have a folding Montague Swiss Bike that I put inside my Honda Element, when I don't want to use the hitch rack either because of security or weather.

Not sure about the Alterra frame size, but I recently wanted to retrofit my Zen 650 as a travel bike and it was a little too long to fit in the standard S ans S case so had the Surly LHT retrofitted instead.

Re: Altera TI

The Alterra is taller, by a fraction, but that will remove a slight amount of that anti-endo feature. Not enough to discourage one from the bike. And you have the option of staying seated and leaning back a little to counter an endo. The Mini is most likely to Endo of anything we build, short cockpit, short wheel base, nothing like the Dynamik!