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Welcome to our forum. With the number of CF bikes growing, customers have expressed a need for a message board dedicated to CF bikes. We hope this message board gives you the chance to exchange stories or ideas that will continue the growth of Crank Forward Bikes. Feel free to post a message.

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making a 20/20 CF from a 26" BSO

When Gigi was stolen earlier this year I was given numerous BSO before getting Blue Bike. The only problem I have with Blue is the fact that the back wheel hangs off the end of the bike racks on the front of the buses here. I have been doing some measuring and I could get a decent CF bike by shortening the seat stays and leaving the rest of the tubes pretty close to the same length, swapping the crap 26" fork for a quality 20" suspension fork, and reusing the rest of the BSO where possible and safe. This will be slightly shorter than the BSO it is based on, which will ride nicely on the bus rack when I need to use multi-mode forms of travel.

I have a digital camera and I will be posting pictures back to this thread as I complete the build.