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Welcome to our forum. With the number of CF bikes growing, customers have expressed a need for a message board dedicated to CF bikes. We hope this message board gives you the chance to exchange stories or ideas that will continue the growth of Crank Forward Bikes. Feel free to post a message.

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Seat angle for cruz

New to crank forwards

Still struggling to get seat angle right

Any suggestions to get new bike set up or tell me how yours is set that works well

Re: Seat angle for cruz

It really depends on what shape your backside is. I prefer a perfectly flat seat with lots of padding, like the original Fusion seat, but I find the comfort is better for the new style seat if the nose is down a lot and I'm mostly leaning against the seat, but that makes my legs more tired as they have to hold me up more.

Re: Seat angle for cruz

It's a process of tweaking till you get it right. I find that too much angle leaves me slipping down the seat and too little gives me nothing to push against and it hits the back of my legs. Tiny tiny adjustments make a big difference, Also as you move the seat up it also moves it back so that will effect the angle.
For the first few weeks you may need to hop off often and make teeny adjustments till you get it right. I don't think that there is a formula, you just have to find your individual sweet spot. Its trying but worth it when you get it right