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Winter Riding

This will be my first winter in cold weather country.Recently I moved to Bend OR from Southern CA where I was used to riding year round in the same clothing. Now I am learning how to dress for the cold weather.
I would like to hear about how to choose appropriate dress for riding my Dynamic Trail and Zen Pro. Especially about keeping my hands warm. But please don't limit any replies to gloves, I need to learn anything I can.
Also what sort of tires should I use?

Re: Winter Riding

I live in Minnesota, so my conditions are somewhat different. I am guessing that we have a drier cold, but our absolute temperatures may be lower.

For gloves I have multiple options, depending on how cold. I have a set of lightweight gloves from Specialized that I can use down to about 45 degrees.

I have a set of mittens with a waterproof outer layer from REI that I can use down to 20 degrees. The mittens are large enough on the inside, that I can wear both in temperatures down to 0 (minus 22 windchill is the coldest I rode in last year).

As for the rest. I am amazed at how much heat I generate when I cycle. Secondly, I need many different options depending on how cold the temperature is. Things change pretty quickly once you are below freezing. What I wear at 10 degrees is different than what I wear at 30 degrees. The most important thing is to figure out how to get the moisture away from your skin.

My layers are at 40 degrees are.
A base layer of wool.
My riding jersey.
A shell layer (rain jacket)

My layers at 30 degrees are.
A base layer of wool.
My riding jersey
A long sleeve turtle neck
A shell layer

My layers in the teens
A base layer of wool
My riding jersey
A sweat shirt or wool sweater
A shell layer

Legs also go with multiple layers, though I don't seem to need as many.

Hope this is helpful. Winter riding is fun!

Re: Winter Riding

Thank you so much. This gives me a lot of the basic info I need.

Any other replies are welcomed.