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Welcome to our forum. With the number of CF bikes growing, customers have expressed a need for a message board dedicated to CF bikes. We hope this message board gives you the chance to exchange stories or ideas that will continue the growth of Crank Forward Bikes. Feel free to post a message.

Crank Forward Forum
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Very Quiet Here

The forum has been very quiet lately. No new posts since Nov. 1.

I am in the process of building up an Alterra frameset. Having sold my Zenetik last summer I purchased the Alterra frame this fall. I usually build up a frame over the winter when it is too cold to bike outside and I am stuck indoors on the trainer.

I have all my parts for the build and figured by now it would be raining and cold and I would be assembling the Alterra. Weather here has been unusually warm for this time of year. Yesterday we were 75 and sunny with low wind.

As long as this weather keeps up I will be riding outside and the build will be on hold. When the weather turns bad and I get the Alterra built up I will post some photos.


Re: Very Quiet Here

I have been writing my blog, doing research and riding my 2008 Fusion. I stopped in to see if there was anything that needed a reply and eventually you posted. I replied. Mission accomplished.