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Dynamik Headset Adjusting - again

I have read the posts here on adjusting headsets and have reviewed what Rans has put up and read their instructions, which seem to only be for threaded headsets (Fusions, not Dynamiks and still having problems getting fork tight...

The bike has two double nutted clamps, one is made to accept insert to anchor stem.

The lower one clamps the steer tube tight, the one with the insert is supposed to anchor the stem piece...or am I goofy?

Well, I cannot get that rig tight to the fork, no matter what I do.

I suppose I could acquire the thread adjusting item Rans peddles, and screw it tight but should that be necessary?

Am going mental...

Have no clue how to upload pics here, so will have to leave deal with above, unless emailed.


Re: Dynamik Headset Adjusting - again

You should get the headset preload device that Rans sells.

Re: Dynamik Headset Adjusting - again

You should get the headset preload device that Rans sells.

Yes, Thanks. I am considering the option.

As I noted, should that be necessary, considering, and if so, why not install at production?

Second, would it work? The item has single bolt clamps; this bike has double-bolted clamps.

Re: Dynamik Headset Adjusting - again

I received a very good explanation of the situation from John, who attended this topic elsewhere and who answered my individual call for help and relieved my ignorance on the topic.

This I pass on for concerned owners of these machines.

My thanks to John.

FWIW: It appears early 2007 production Dynamik bikes (perhaps other models) were sold with the double bolt double clamp head set arrangement.

Later models were assembled with the adjuster headset clamp set.

Although the firm offered free exchange upgrades to a forged stem where necessary, not the case with these clamps. Perhaps Rans does so on a case by case basis.

I will call them and see if that is so. If not, will acquire the adjuster and ride happily ever after.

Thank John for helping us out. Gent knows and did us Dynamik riders in the dark good.