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Welcome to our forum. With the number of CF bikes growing, customers have expressed a need for a message board dedicated to CF bikes. We hope this message board gives you the chance to exchange stories or ideas that will continue the growth of Crank Forward Bikes. Feel free to post a message.

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Alterra Seat

Can you put an Alterra seat on a Dynamik?

Re: Alterra Seat

Sure can, or you can cut the same profile yourself out of your stock seat pan, and use a Planet Bike gel cruiser saddle cover, which I find offers more support on my sit bones then the Alterra cushion. I have tried swapping seat from the Alterra to other bikes, but have also had demo customers do the opposite on-site...trying the standard CF seat on the Alterra. Wonder if RANS can offer a template for handy riders to chop thirty own seat?