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Rans Fusion tour.

I did the Pacific Coast Route from Victoria Canada to part way down the Baja on a rans fusion loaded with camping gear. To find out about how it went check out my journal on

With front racks and bags I would reccomend some sort of stearing lock to limit the travel of the front fork. There is a tendancy for the fork to swing around too far and damage the brake cables if the bike falls over when parked. A great bike to tour on.

Re: Rans Fusion tour.

Neat stuff Norm.

Here's some parts that caught my attention:

Your Fusion is too low to give a draft.

Everyone using ortlieb panniers.

Govenor Palin had an affair with your buddies buisness partner. (I agree it's sick how Americans obsess about the private lives of other people, but I thought I'ld throw that in there)

Re: Rans Fusion tour.

I JUST saw this off of a link from another site. What a cool trip and great shots. So the fusion did pretty well huh? Well thanks for sharing this. I dont know if i would have made it.


Re: Rans Fusion tour.

Very great stuff Norm! I enjoyed the many photos and comments. Mexico was something else! I was surprised they liked cyclist, but I guess you meant tourist dollars. The ride through the US, now that was encourging, knowing we are friendly, orderly lot. I am proud to have been able to provide you a cycle that made the trip comfy for you. Every time I ride I want to just keep on going, who knows one of these days I may just pack up and go! Thanks for the wonderful posting, and yes you are a crazy guy on a bike!

Re: Rans Fusion tour.


I love reading those crazyguyonabike journals. Someday I'll be one of you!

I'm always interested in the equipment, and specifically in your case the pedals. Did you go with clipless pedals or normal street shoes and platforms?

Shoe choice would be kind of a critical decision on a trip like this. :)

Re: Rans Fusion tour.

Looks like he was wearing Keens. My personal fave.

Re: Rans Fusion tour.

I've been reading this trip journal and it is very enjoyable!

Thanks Norm for posting it!

Someday I want to do this kind of thing too, but I have a question that I've always wondered about when reading these journals.

Do you mind if I ask a very stupid question?

Ok, here goes: how do you post these photos and comments while touring?

Are you stopping in a library somewhere and posting? How are you loading photos?

Or are you carrying a laptop with wireless on the trip?

I'd really like to know how people do this.

There! I've gotten that dumb question out of the way. Now I hope someone responds!