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Rans Citi modi

Angle Lake Cycle (Kent, WA) put this 2007 Citi frame together for me.
Had it for a couple of weeks now, enjoying riding without hand and leg pain.

To help others make a decision on parts to use:
Schwalb Big Apple 26x2.35 tires (fender clearance issues)
Tektro Aquila disc brakes (noisy when wet)
SRAM X-9 twist shifters
52t large chainring (27 speeds total)
Planet Bike ATB fenders (front fender did not fit through the fork)
Topeak Explorer Disc rack & MTX trunk
Minoura cage mount on handlebar riser (great idea)
Greenfield kickstand (works great way back there...)

View of front fender modification. Fender was cut into 2 pieces.
Front half attached to an extra L bracket using a thumbscrew.

Text: Everett WA

Re: Rans Citi modi

nice bike!

Re: Rans Citi modi

Good job! It is always a great thrill to see all the variations possible, and personal touches. Thanks for posting, ride fun, ride safe.

Re: Rans Citi modi

Can you say a little more about why you went with the deep drop handlebar, Russell, and how you like them?


Re: Rans Citi modi

LBS said most people liked the higher bars, gets the grips away from the knees. I have found they allow you to move the grips closer to your body or farther away. This lets you decide where your hands normally rest. At first they were too close and the heels of my hands rested on the grips. After moving the bars forward a bit, I can now use either fingers only or palms only on the grips. The higher bars also keep more weight off of your hands, reducing chance of pain. Another benefit is these bars allow you to lean forward while riding into a headwind. So far they are working out well. Hope that helps!!