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Letter by Gregorovic

Dear Gregory,

as I'm not anymore one of the "bottoms to kiss" I'm feeling both:

innocent and powerless after reading your letter. I sometimes observe that those of us being "in power" easily loose their authority by pretending to "reach huge audiences". They risk to make fun of themselves. Because public or cutural radio never will belong to mass media again. I'm not talking in favour of modesty on our side - not at all. We just should precisely define the field and space of our activities. Actually we supply a "relevant minority", as Octavio Paz somewhere wrote about ... poets. Our listeners are multiplyers, opinion leaders ! (Of course, this has to be knocked into the heads of the "bottoms to kiss" - I mean the real big ones - first !)

I don't see myself on the fringe - so the fringe is a very important and beautiful place to work at. It's nearly 50 years ago, that Ernst Schnabel, one of the first prominent feature makers in Germany (as you know) implored the media politicians to be happy about the fact, that high quality radio had not to serve the "masses" anymore. To be honest: Shortly after that Schnabel resigned as head of Radio Hamburg, because the big asses didn't understand

his message ...

Good luck, Gregorovich, for your theatre plans and the WFMU programme ! (Not too) small is beautiful !


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