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Re: sos

Dear Robyn,

Yes, this website is beautiful instrument, but people have to use it! And in fact, we know they consult it, more than we think. It seems to function like a kind of hidden interphone or talk-back, like you use for the sleeping room of your baby. We seem to be quite shy, but we read each other. It's a start!

The SOS -Feature texts of the Prix Europe Meeting have been read by MANY people. This we can confirm.

I'm convinced that this public auto-analysis of many documentary authors are a important step towards new developments and opportunities of this specific and most radiophonic way of talking about what is boiling in our society.

And to preserve what are not the hot, but universal items. Beauty, as Kaye Mortley says, in combination with a search of vérité. Authenticity,as we try to record it and give it a voice on air, can be very close to directness and beauty at the same time. To social impact and aesthetic pleasure at the same time.

It's the challenge and the joye of our daily job.

I'm convinced that the media will be more and more in need of programmes like we are producing. Because of an extreme formatting

in terms of fast, short, and thus, superficial reports, less answers will be given to basic questions. Only facts. It could be that television nowadays is reaction more promply than radio does.

We have to find and claim again our place in the middle of the world. Then we will be taken for serious. And we have all the skills to do so. This is my big lesson from this SOS-Feature Hearing. It's up to us now. We are able to give an answer to some vital needs of today's radio.

Dear Robyn, a personal message became like a priests' sermon. Sorry! But I know the church is full of colleagues. And sometimes of too discrete believers. Feature makers can be sometimes damned strong storytellers,and, at their best moments,be creators of vérité and beauty . Or provocation and fun. And this is always a gap in the market!


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Replying to:

How wonderful to have had access to the SOS forum - to sit at my desk and listen to many voices of wisdom on this vital subject - to hear Kaye, and Barbro, and Lorelei, and Harri, and Vincent, etcand a new voice for me Jens from SFB.It is a way of staying in touch with the Prix Europa for those who can't take part.

We've just had a productive day here at ABC discussing and listening to the 6 documentaries shortlisted at this year's Prix Italia.

Interesting to speculate just how many people are now thinking about or working on features that concern the events of September 11th and its aftermath. I see here from previous correspondence that Matthew Leonard is at Radio New Zealand. Anybody else ?

Best regards to you all,

Robyn Ravlich

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