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Re: Re: new acoustic feature slot

Thanks Edwyn, yes....free programs please! Plus advice on upcoming productions we can participate in, generate material for, and share costs of...We can offer lots of good southern hemispherical and Pacific-related advice as well.

We're setting the limbo bar pretty low for this new program so

no doubt we'll stumble initially, but once it's up and running we'll hope to be generating some strong humane and human stories

to share. All suggestions welcome. As we know, small is often beautiful.


Of thinking no length

I stand now in a long dream of doing

I stood then in a short dream of knowing

It was I black, sun white, sea silk with sky.

I stand now in that new day on the world

Up out of its water

Its light through my teeth,

My solid eyes dreaming

My mind steeped in sheen;

I stand now on its horizon,

My shadow its centre

In the waters of sun.

Len Lye (born 1901) 278 W 4th Street, New York 14


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Replying to:

Go for it, Matthew, there is a lot of creative energy at Radio New Zealand and let us now from time to time how it goes and if you need help!


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Replying to:

In a week when we might wish to look towards some new beginnings, a slight bit of news from the southern hemisphere. A new dedicated feature/documentary slot is to be established on the National network of Radio New Zealand. The organization has always been sympathetic to the longer/larger form radio works but limited in the ability to resource their production.

This has now changed. 'Revolutions per minute' is the new one hour weekly slot in development here.Quality rather than quantity.

Commencing probably December 5th.

This short message is an invitation for readers of this to bear

us in mind when offering free material, looking for co-production partners, exchange partners and purchasers for independent work.

Matthew Leonard

Features Producer

Radio New Zealand

PO Box 123 Wellington, Aotearoa



cell 64-25 685 9268


Our initial 15 week season will be a mix of golden oldies and new works, snippets and audio essays. More information as it comes to hand.

'Serenity Now'.


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