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Dear Friends,

Hereby you will find a message from Gregory Whitehead from the USA. We share all the suffering and pain of our friends in the States and mourn the victims of this cruel act. We feel close to you all. And hope that any insane and uncontrolled escalation of further violence against innocent people will be avoided.

Warm regards to you all in these hard times.


Gregory Whitehead wrote :

Dear Friends,

Many thanks for the words of concern and support.

Fortunately, I was not in NYC yesterday, and we are all safe.

Family members who live in NYC and Washington are also safe.

I am distressed about one personal friend, who is still unaccounted for.

We also have many friends of the family who worked in various government

and financial agencies in the World Trade Center, and we are heartened

that they were evacuated safely.

As a longtime resident of NYC prior to my move to the country,

my heart is with all those whose lives have been destroyed by this

perverse attack.

Lillian and I both gave blood last night, and it is frustrating not to be

able to do more.

If there is a source of light through the chaos, it is in the many

individual acts of bravery, some of which were reported to me by friends

in the building and in the neighborhood.

In terms of the "big story":

I am concerned that the US not forget it is founded on principles of

religious freedom, and that collective anger does not obscure respect for

the fundamental rights of all human beings. That said, after a day of

extreme fear for the safety of friends and family, it is very evident

that the surface of prosperity is nothing more than that: a surface.

The rage and hatred that boils inthe human heart is a frightening reality.

I know that many of you have already confronted this reality in your own

countries, and in your own hearts, and my thoughts, and my love, goes out

to you, as well.

May the Gods, the many Gods, be with us all,

Your friend,


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