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Re: Would you be able and willing to help? (about sound material)

Hi Regine,

how are things over there, and how are YOU? I don't have these sounds -only in the soundarchives and that costs money, but perhaps you can contact Michal Citroen (don't know if the both of you met before), because she made an interesting docu about Auswitz, last year. Perhaps she has some intersting things for you (Michal's family is jewish, and were victims in Auswitz). Her e-mail adres:


Let me know if the adress is wrong, then I'll try to find another one.

Kind regards,


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Replying to:

Dear collagues:

I was delighted to receive the first editions of the IFC online newsletter. First of all, it's a pleasure to simply stay in touch this way, and to

learn about new developments and projects. But it's also an opportunity to reach out to ALL of you at the same time should an issue

require speedy communication.

Here then, my question to all of you: I'm currently working on a five-part series of 15-minute features for the United States Holocaust

Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. From their collection of oral history interviews with Holocaust survivors about life AFTER the war

and my own follow-up interviews, along with archival sound materials and ambient sounds, I will create audio pieces to be distributed on

the USHMM's own web site, and perhaps also on CD or cassette in the Museum's book store. While I will happily dig into my own archive

and utilize the home audio archives of the survivors, certain ambiances and archival materials are still missing.

Would you be able and willing to help?

My wish list:

- steam ship engine and water;

- artillery fire;

- bombardment;

- army trucks (model World War II);

- street ambiance in Rome (or elsewhere in Italy);

- music filtering out of a cafe in Rome (or elsewhere in Italy);

- close-up recording of one or more Singer sewing machine(s);

- sounds in a steel mill (1940s-'60s);

- wailing wall in Jerusalem;

- announcement of Nuremberg Trials verdict (English).

Problem areas:

1. I don't have much money for licencing fees in my budget. So unless I don't have to pay at all (except for the DAT tapes and postage)

or pay only a nominal fee, it won't work. If necessary, however, I'd be more than happy to write official letters to your General Manager

or whoever outlining the project and explaining that the Museum is an educational organization and filters all profits back into its


2. Final production wil begin in early May. I would love to have the materials on my desk by mid-to-late April. Possible?

May NEW!!!!e-mail address: newradio@si.rr.com

Mailing address: New Radio and Performing Arts, 120 Tysen Street, Staten Island, NY 10301/ U.S.A.

I know that all of you are extremely busy. So any answer will be much appreciated.

Yours truly, Regine Beyer

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