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Peter Leonhard Braun 75!!

Dear Friends,

On the 11th of February 2004 Leo will celebrate his 75 birthday. A milestone. It falls together with the 30 anniversary of the IFC and decennia of the Prix Futura and the Prix Europa.
I had a conversation with Susanne Hofmann, his beloved wife, and I guess there will be some drink at the offices of the Prix Europa that day.
I made a deal with the secretary of the Prix Europa, Catherine Brinkman, that I would invite you to send a fax to Leo on February 10th the latest. Leo is a fax-man, not a e-mail adept. And a fax gives you the opportunity to some beautuful drawings, etc. The faxes will not come under Leo's eyes before the 11th. So, you even can send your message straight away.

If you want to join us, please send your fax to :
+49-30-3031-1619 ( Prix Europa, Catherine Brinkman)

If you would like to send something else, here is the address :

PRIX EUROPA ( Mrs. Catherine Brinkman)
Hotel am Studio 1. OG
Kaiserdamm 80/81
D-14057 Berlin

If more information is needed you can contact me. (edwin.brys@vrt.be
or + 32-2-7415399

Thank you !

Re: Peter Leonhard Braun 75!!


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