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Flush the turd November 3rd!
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YES! trump calls her nasty and mean. Exactly the person we need, and a great balance with Joe.


I can enthusiastically support her now and defend her history. That does not say that there weren't other equally capable women available for the job. This is the Candidate our Democratic Voters chose and this is his carefully considered running-mate. There are others just or perhaps better for our agenda, but this is not a bad option.

I would be happy to discuss my perspective with anyone that thinks this isn't exactly what we need at this exact time.
It is time for our favorite Grandpa and successful Aunt to take the crazy Uncle outside and get him a cab. But first we need to get every single voter to vote, and register every single new voter or straggler. The only way to beat these goombahs is by overwhelming numbers. It is sad that he wants to put the health of this Nation at risk, but if that is what we have to do that is what we will do. It IS that important!