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Covid-19 Virus
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Re: How is everyone doing?

I am so grateful for the businesses that are still in operation. I hear people complaining about those they see out and about but sometimes life would be infinitely more difficult if I could not go buy a few things, like a new hose that doesn't spray all over the yard. A trip to a doctors appointment that took most of the day was aided by a stop at Don Fidencios. After taking a friend to the ER where I was sitting in the parking lot for 4+ hours, a stop was required at the pharmacy which also took more than 2 hours to wait through the drive up line (twice). Then there was the medical equipment that needed to be UPS'd back before charges were levied. I have actually driven the 30+ miles to town and back more times this past week than under normal times. But everyone seems to be taking precautions.

Bill also has doctor follow up visits and physical therapy trips. We are grateful we can take the trash to the transfer station rather than piling it outside where the cats would destroy the bags. So staying home sounds like a good plan but sometimes the universe just doesn't cooperate. I am grateful for all those who stay home as much as they can so these necessary trips can be made somewhat safer for all of us.

It has certainly been a learning experience for these old dogs to utilize on line meetings and discussions. I think our new found skills may help us connect more with the grand-kids. Cool!

Re: How is everyone doing?

Hope everything will be done in the name of our Lord. Stay home guys and have some fun to free minesweeper.