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Ideas for Real Change

I'm new here but not new to the Democratic Party. I live in Bayard. I moved here a year and a half ago from Albuquerque. I was a delegate in 2016 and an alt delegate in 2018.

After all the events I've seen transpire over the years I am convienced we will never solve our problems unless we make some real systemic/structural changes to our entire system. The events happening are caused because people are feeling desperate and threatened. Economic conditions are making people work longer for less and to have an insecure future. The people who drum old cold war anti-socialist propaganda in an effort to drum up partisan divisions are using that as a tool in order to serve corporate power.

Now that the rotten underbelly of our civilization has been fully exposed, lots of people are starting to wake up and see the problems in stark detail. Everyday people are mentioning all of the problems. Some people mention the problems and rebuke some person because a politician, or a media personality told them too! The people who gave the orders to the politicians are the mega donors like corporations. Now that we have all these problems and know what they are, we have got to find solutions. Real solutions that address the problems which are in reality centuries old.

That being said, please allow me to offer these items. I believe they are logical and would serve to solve many problems. If anyone of you here have a thought, or a question, please offer and ask. We sure do need solutions badly. I fear for our nation.


1. Open all closed primaries.
2. Automatic Universal Federal Voter Registration at 18 years of age.
3. Universal Election Laws for All States.
4. Non-Partisan Speaker of the House (vow an oath).
5. Non-Partisan committee chairs in congress (vow an oath) & require an expert on the subject at hand.
6. Remove "President of the Senate" as a Vice Presidential duty. Cause the President of the Senate to be voted for by their peers, and also to vow an oath of non-partisanship.
7. Require a supermajority to overrule a President of the Senate, or Pro Tempore ruling.
8. Disallow the suspension of the rules on the floor of the House of Representatives and Senate.
9. Disallow the adding of nongermane items onto bills.
10. Disallow the President of the United States from firing any person who is in a position that requires senate confirmation. Require the senate's consent to the firing.
11. Require that the makeup of the SCOTUS be an even mix of female and male.
12. Remove lifetime appointments for judges of all kinds, making the max term, like in the case of the SCOTUS 10, or 20 years.
13. 50% Labor in All Corp. Boardrooms, Codetermination. Of that number 50% female and 50% male.
14. Raise the minimum wage to a level in which labor can maintain a level of existence somewhat above the bottom rung of Maslow's Hierarchy of Human needs.
15. Tie the minimum wage to inflation, requiring a Cost of Living Adjustment every year.
16. Make the minimum Social Security stipend equal to the after tax minimum wage worked 40 hours.
17. Tax all earnings the payroll tax for the purposes of funding Social Security. Eliminate the cap.
18. Institute Universal Prenatal to Grave Health Care, like Medicare for all.
19. Institute Universal Kindergarten through Doctorate Education for all citizens.
20. Nationalize all natural resources of materials and energy on and off the planet Earth. This would fund items number 18 and 19 and for other uses.
21. Begin a National Priority Program of Infrastructure Remaking, which would bring all of the elements of our national, regional and local infrastructures up to 21st Century standards.
22. A National Priority Program of Infrastructure Remaking would include all Earthly infrastructure and start the Off World Expansion of the Human Race by including Mars colonization, along with outer space industrialization, which would create many millions of jobs and provide an unlimited source of material and energy resources.
23. Disallow 1st Amendment protections for lies. Make it a class B felony for an elected official, a candidate for political office, or the media to purposefully deceive the public, utter falsehoods concerning government policy, or civil issues, in a public setting.
24. Require all political debates between opposing candidates, or by two or more politicians making a debate for the reason of influencing public opinion to be hosted by C-Span, which would provide the facilities and avowed non partisan inquisitors.
25. Disband all commercial banks and the commercial stock market.
26. Institute a Federal Bank of the United States (FBUS) and a Federal Stock Market (FSM). Open branches of the FBUS in every post office, providing banking services and FSM stock sales and purchases for citizens.
27. Use precious metals to back all US currency, and to make all US coins.
28. Ban the forming or maintaining of private militias.