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I am writing this to tell you why I wholeheartedly support Joe Biden for President, because recently I have seen some posts denigrating him unjustifiably. First I want everyone to know where I am coming from. As a retired teacher from Delaware, I had Joe Biden as my Senator for 29 years; right up to the time I moved my home to New Mexico. Despite the very high regard I have for Senators Udall and Heinrich, I will say without any hesitation he is the finest Senator I could have ever asked for, in addition to being a genuinely honest and caring individual. My esteem for him did not however make Vice President Biden my first or even second choice as the 2020 Democratic Candidate for President. Most people are aware of my support for Bernie Sanders during the past two election cycles; however, without excuses, Bernie did not get enough votes in the Primaries. Senator Sanders, who worked with Senator Biden for years, has fully endorsed Biden in 2020, with the full hope and expectation his supporters will as well.

Everyone has heard by now, the story of Joe Biden riding the Amtrak train between Wilmington, Delaware and Washington D.C daily for the entire 36 years he served as Senator. But he did not spend that time isolated on the train. He used that time to talk with passengers, or carefully reading and evaluating information on pending bills. There were two train journeys I am aware of when he spent almost the entire travel time talking to a seventh grade student who had gone to his Wilmington Office seeking information for a school report. The first evening Senator Biden called and talked with the kid, answering questions and helping the student find needed information for himself. A couple of weeks later Joe called back to find out how well the kid had done.

There are other stories which illustrate the character of the man, and that is what we desperately need right now. We need A President who's honesty and compassion, as well as an immense institutional knowledge to put this country back on track again. There is the afternoon he halted a conversation with a local Wilmington group, to chase down a purse snatcher, and hold him four blocks away, until the police arrived. There was the time he light heartedly pointed out how yours truly had awkwardly and noisily entered the back of the room during his address to the Delaware State Education Association. There were numerous instances when he always seemed to make time to listen to his constituents whether in his office, on the train, or sitting on the front porch of his Mother's home in Wilmington. Delaware.

I will add, I know he is not without criticism; as a Senator he made votes and took positions I did not agree with, but that can be said of every other man or woman who has ever served in that office. As Vice President he publicly supported President Obama 100% with only one exemption that I am aware of. As I recall, he made a statement supporting same sex marriage before President Obama came around to that position. As much as I admire President Barack Obama, there were many areas of disagreement I had with his policy decisions. How many of those were supported or argued against by Joe Biden, I have no idea. I can only go by what I see taking place in Joe Biden's “Vision For America”, and the direction being taken in the Democratic Party Platform. The evidence there, is that Joe Biden is still listening to his constituents. Yes, banker's voices are being heard, but so are the voices of Bernie supporters. Progressive voters are not going to get everything we want; how much we get will depend on how well we replace Republicans with Progressive Democrats in The Senate and the House of Representatives. That is going to be dependent on getting a huge Democratic Party voter participation; electing Joe Biden overwhelmingly, and sweeping the Congress.

I want to encourage all of you who feel as I do, that it's imperative to rid our Government of the abuses of the current Administration, to carefully consider your actions. Do not sit out the election, do not cast your vote for a third party or write in candidate simply because you have been led to believe Joe Biden is not a worthy Presidential Candidate. I personally know the man and I can attest that is not the case. I will also encourage you to share my story with your friends and contacts. Don't let them be duped by the propaganda from the GOP and foreign intervention; let them know the truth that I know.


Excellent, Bill!
We all have to get out the vote - ourselves and everyone we know. We cannot be complacent. "Biden's so far ahead in the polls, I don't need to vote" will NOT be tolerated. And we need to vote straight Blue, get rid of as many of trump's enablers as possible. As far as I'm concerned, any candidate declaring as republican is tacitly declaring support for the trump agenda of greed, white supremacy, and fascist power-grabbing. No, I won't even vote for an unopposed republican.

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