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A book to really **** off Mike Pence!

John Oliver has helped publish a book about a gay rabbit. Why would that make our VP angry?
In 2018 Mrs VP Pence published a book about their family rabbit, Marlon Bundo, as it follows Pence around the White House. So the John Oliver crew published their own book - it is a real book and it is for children about marrying someone of the same gender - and most importantly buying it will make Pence really unhappy. The proceeds are going to The Trevor Project (LGBTQ) and to Aids United Research. While we are all stuck self-isolating, let's do something constructive and **** off Pence at the same time!

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Presents a Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo: Better Bundo Book, LGBT Children’s Book

Watch the YouTube episode

"Comedian John Oliver’s book about the pet rabbit belonging to the family of Vice President Pence is on the list of the most complained-about books in public libraries in 2018, according to the American Library Association."
"Last Week Tonight With John Oliver Presents A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo” is a takeoff of the book that Pence’s wife, Karen, and daughter Charlotte wrote about the family’s pet. But in the parody book, Marlon Bundo is gay and (spoiler alert!) marries another boy bunny, a satirical nod to the vice president’s stance against same-sex marriage. That landed the book in second place on the list, which was topped by a children’s book by Alex Gino called “George” about a transgender child."
"Meanwhile, the Pences have a a few more Marlon Bundo books out as well. “Marlon Bundo’s Day in the Nation’s Capital,” from conservative publisher Regnery."

Re: A book to really **** off Mike Pence!

Love it! Go ahead and say ***** we're all ****** off anyway.

Hmm. Looks like the board is self-censoring, even though I didn't select that option. Well ****!