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Steve Pearce just won't go away

The following is a statement from Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman Steve Pearce regarding the public impeachment hearings in Washington:

"These impeachment hearings are nothing more than"travesty theater." There's no due process here, no one has first-hand knowledge, and there's no quid pro quo. It's all heresay and second hand knowledge. It's unbelievable the lengths to which the Democrats will go in this partisan witch hunt. The President has to endure this charade all while he continues to deliver on his promises to make this country great again."

STFU Stevie.

Re: Steve Pearce just won't go away

I am so frustrated with the Republican lie machine. They are running national and regional ads repeating their misinformation to the point that we are hearing even our own candidates repeating their phrases. Pearce has a weekly radio show now and as with his former Senate Newsletter, he expertly reports the party line and defends #45. But there is no way to rebut his statements and the 45 faithful will never hear that there is another point of view.

A huge lie that is eating at my patience is that the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives is not doing the work of the people, when in fact it is the Republican McConnell that is blocking over 400 Bills that the House has passed and not even allowing them up for discussion. So when I see the ads accusing Xochi Torres-Small of wasting time because she has indicated that she will consider voting for the Articles of Impeachment, I want to scream. She isn't even on any of the committees hearing the testimony. She will read the Articles and vote with the rest of the House. So what time has SHE wasted?

Tell me which lies set you off.