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Re: The Good,The Bad and The Ugly vs. Wrestlemania

Vince McMahn
Maryann you do look a little bit like the
Fabulas Mulah

The Fabulous Moolah (get it straight) said she never minded the booing inspired by her antics."I loved when they got mad at me" she told the State newspaper of Columbia in 2005.
"Call me anything you want-you don't write my check."
The Fabulous Moolah started her career at 115 lbs. and 5'4". Never got much beyond that. Ms Hollis is about 5'9" ..and will end it there out of respect for the woman.
The Fabulous Moolah-Mary- died at 84 three years ago on Nov.6,2007.
Hope Hollis is still around at 84 kicking butt.
Is that cheap shot the best you got?