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Re: Tab Story

The string that was posted Tab Story regarding Golini and wright was deleted because of a technical issue. Please try not to paste a url in the body of the post. There is a place to put links in the form.

Thank you.

Re: Tab Story

Technical issue, huh? If you say so, although there have been links posted to URL many times before.

If, as Mr. Ireton says, Hurley got upset, maybe it was because Mr. Ireton seems to be hinting that there was some kind of collusion involved. That would annoy me a little, too.

You may recall that Hurley is still involved in a lawsuit against the City (with Ford), and it's my understanding that only Ford has settled so far. What's his motive to try and dump this case?

If you believe there was collusion, then you have to think the impetus for that came from higher up, all the way to the top. Dolan is a dirtbag, but he's not stupid. Thinking he'd get involved in that is way over the top, even for Dolan.