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Re: Mystic Is Busy...


Sorry I have been very busy and also
my work and personal life has gone
crazy.. here is the latest...

Thanks friends for all the energy and
also good vibes and prayers..

Ok, this is the first time, I have had a
chance to even get online and I am at work.

I had an Ok bday.. spent it with mom
and dad in hospital.. No cake.. but I
blew out a bic lighter after my sisters
and wife and friend sang to me at dad's

I have been staying with my dad and driving
both my parents cars.. Mustang will be fixed
by end of week..

Updates.. Mom had broken her hip on Friday
night. I left work and went to hospital and
my three sisters and dad was there too..
My dad also had a fall while trying to go
to hospital. He is ok. My neice had a car
accident on Friday too..

Mom had a surgury on Saturday, I stayed
with dad on Friday night and put him to
bed, he was in shock and also out of it.
Mom had a partial hip replacement and
is doing well. She went and came out of
surgery ok.. 4-6 weeks major rehab
and she was moved to a another room
for skilled nursing, she will be there
for a about 8 days, my family is looking
into home nursing for dad and I and my
sister who had the 2x brain surgeries are
taking turns staying with dad. My other
family members are helping staying with
him too.. We are trying to work together
as a family but there is major fighting
right now and my other siblings are
name calling and causing problems.

I am the nuetral one trying to keep
the siblings from fighting with each other.

During family crisis, the true personality
comes out and some are ugly. So sad,
I am trying to do all I can for my parents
and they are so happy to have me around.
Dad and I are talking and I have been
having heart to heart conversations with
him about the future of him and mom.

Dad just turned 80 and is still working
as a dentist, he has to work to keep medical
benefits. Mom told him to retire. He is
very upset and also he is so lost without
her by his side..

My neice is ok from car accident but
car is messed up. Her father will be
working on fixing the car.

My brother T* from Michigan is out
of work as of today, he worked for Shell
Oil as Midwest Manager but he just got
a buyout and package. He is married
and has three young kids. He is also
loosing the company car. So, he is
borrowing my mom's car this weekend.

Thanks everyone... !!!

I will be here on line, the next couple
of days and just getting caught up..

To all ... Happy Holidays/Yule..
Again thanks..

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