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Blessings & Welcome:
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Hi Again

Hello Merlyn,
I went to a psychic fair on Sat,30. I had someone read me he used stones and cards, Three cards and three stones, he asked if I had three wishes what would they be and I said health for my family A house and to grow old with my husband. After looking at the card one by one and saying things here and there the jist of it was he said I am a healer and I need to learn to heal myself before I can heal others and all my aches and pains are from taking on others illnesses and pain. he also said something about me becoming a Reiki Master.

what is your take on that and also any info On Reiki would be great. I did get abook on Reiki for beginners.
As alway thatnks for your time!
Your Friend Tara

Re: Hi Again

I wish I could delete!

Re: Hi Again

Blessings Tara,

Sorry I have not responded sooner ..
Lots happening on home front...

Did you like the reading or do you
think it was lame?


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Re: Hi Again

Happy Belated birthday, I hope all is better with your family.
To answer the question was the reading lame. No Different , he used three cards three stones and asked me if I had three wishes what would they be. With all that in a nut shell he said I am a healer and should look at becoming a Reiki Master.

I do wish you a Very Happy Christmas, and a healthy , happy and safe New year.
Take Care thanks for everything.
Tara - Queens1969

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