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question about suicide (MM?)

I have a question, I dont mean to bring negitivity to this bored, and if this is one of those "been asked to death questions" im sorry. My question is, what will happen if one commits suicide? What I mean by that is, what happens next? I am a firm believer that life doesnt end at the point of death. However, if one decides to take that final step there is no going back, so it could be a bad decision. I dont know, Mystic Mrylen I feel maybe you can help me with this question.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Re: question about suicide (MM?)

one more thing. I am very sorry to hear about your recent loss.

Re: question about suicide (MM?)

Blessings Bluespirit,

Suicide is never the answer and
I really do not know what happens
after this tragic events. All I know
is that what I have read from Slyvia
Browne on this topic and she says that
there are two doors at out end of
our days after the white light takes
us. The is a door to the right and to
the left. The door to the right is
where we meet our Maker..

The door to the left is sent back as
another entity or life force to learn
what they did not learn to begin with
and commited the act.

Another really good movie is ..
What Dreams may come. In this movie
the main character goes to see his
wife who commited suicide and the
story is very moving and also shows
a possible afterlife..

I have had friends who tried and did
commit suicides as also others who
I am close to.. I only know the pain
from losing a close friend and the effect
it hason the family and friends.

It is never good and I would tell anyone
who is thinking about it to seek professional
help ..

I really do not know but I know that
we all have a mission or purpose in
our lives and that life is precious!

Sorry, I can not be more helpful but
this is a very hard topic and it is
ok to ask for help but I am only
a messanger and have an opinion.

Blessings of light,

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