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Merlyn's Forum is open to any subject dealing with metaphysics, dreams, dream interpretations, angels, ADC or 'After Death Communication.' wiccan, pagan ideals, astral travel, ghosts and spiritual advise from mediums, psychics or from other spirited souls. No rules except keep language clean and respect another's opinion. If you like a private reading please leave me a message and email me the private information. In addition, please leave me an email address if you need a reading,or a natal birthchart.. Just email me your: 1. Date of birth -Sun sign 2. Time of birth -Rising sign 3. Place of Bith.. City /State ..etc 4. Birth name. 5. Home address
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Finding your spirit guide

I am not sure if spirit guides are something Merlin knows all that much about spirit guides (he never spoke much of them on the shadowland boards) But I was hoping he knew how you were supposed to find and/or contact your Spirit Guide/Gaurdian Angel?

Re: Finding your spirit guide

Blessings Deathtobarbie,

Sorry I hav not posted earlier...

Well I have a done some searching
on Spirit guides and angels and
I have a very detailed listing and
how it happened on this site page...

Animal Omens

I am looking and have been doing some
investigations into this and I find that
I have found many souces on the net and
library that has helped me..

Dreams are the way I learned about my
spirit Guides and animals as well as
my angels.. I heard them in spirit
whispers and also I worked on meeting
them and it has taken about a year or
so.. I would ask astrally orior to
dreams and just do this nightly...

Thanks for coming here too...

I have been having pc problems
and my time is limited at work..

Mystic Merlyn

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