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Dream...kinda long...

Hello all, First of all before I get to the dream I would like to Thank Mystic Merlyn. For Mystic is a reason for this dream. After talking to mystic the other day via email it brought back a sense of who I am once again and also got more of my curiosity going. I read some info he passed on to me and delved deeper into what I wanted. I learned about astral projection. This is where the dream comes in. Now in a way it wasnt't what I was trying for BUT in a way it was. Okay here is my dream and I will add my personal interpretation of the dream area in {}.
After going through the mediatation laying down I was able to get to the point of feeling the " vibrations" throughout my body. But them I actually believe I fell asleep fully rather than what I was trying.
The dream was in a sequence and the first thing i remember was being at the bottom of a very large hill and looking up and seeing my car facing away from me at the top of the hill running. I could see steam coming from it like it was overheating. And while I was getting ready to begin a long walk up the hill to shut my car off I see a " dark shadow" get closer to my car at the front by the engine. As it gets closer i can see the steam stop like it was cooling the car engine off. as it passed by the car, the car begin to over heat again. It did this 2 times back and forth.{ I believe the car at the top and me at the bottom may represent my ambitions are set too high for my life. The dark shadow cooling the car down may have been a spirit guide proving to me that what I was seing was real. Basically letting me know they were there.}
After looking at what was happening I hear a voice right behind me, that wasnt there before cause I was alone, say here I dont need this anymore. And opens his hand up to show me a very large centipede. He throws this at me and lands on my shoulder. I brush it off then everything goes black and I " wake up" on the ground in my dream. I remembered a centipede and begin brushing my clothes out because I knew it was there...this is where I wake up in real life brushing my clothes off.{ Because of what I was attempting to do and what I did see I'm wondering if the brushing to wake up in real life was supposed to edge me into working myself back into the astral plane.}
Any thoughts or other ideas as to what the dream may represent that I dont see is appreciated.I have been under alot of mental and physical drain between work and family and have been really snippy towards everyone. But after doing this one time I'm in the best mood I have been in in years and for once in the last year my physical body dont hurt!!!! YAY!!!! lol

Thanks again Mystic... And im going to try this again tonight to see what happens.

Re: Dream...kinda long...


Thank you so much for your kind
words.. Sorry I have not responded sooner..
I have been very busy with my work
and also my family and new kittens..

Blessings ...

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