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I need help.

I will start off this post by giving a little history. My dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in August of 2000, he later died in December of 2000 so he only lived 4 months after being diagnosed. My family and I moved in with my mother and father soon after he was diagnosed to help my mother take care of him before he passed on. Ever since he has died strange things have happened around the house. I must mention that he did die in this house. He wanted to die at home, and not in a hospital. Now to list the strange things that have happened. A bag of religious articles that used to belong to him appeared on the kitchen table without anyone putting them there. Lights are always flickering, sometimes the bulbs get so bright I swear they are going to explode. The channels on our TV sometimes flip through very fast without anyone doing it. I can feel a presense standing behind me or following me sometimes. It has lessened, it used to be all of the time in the beginning. I also take a lot of pictures around the house. I have captured several orbs in my pictures, but only in the house, and only hovering around my 7 year old son. He was also very close to my father. However the strange thing about the orbs is there is usually more than one in the pictures. We have never had any activity like this in our house since his death, so I am thinking it might be him, and he sometimes brings a few friends with him. lol. I guess basically I feel like something is trying to get my attention for one reason or another. I am wanting to know who it is, and why they want my attention. I should also mention that I was in a severe state of depression after my father died, I wouldn't leave the house for a long time, I pretty much didn't care about anything. 5 months after he died I had a miscarriage as well. I don't know if I am sensitive to the supernatural or not, or maybe everything that I have experienced or seen is all in my head. I will attach some of the pictures I have of the orbs I have captured. I am begging you to please help to ease my mind.

Best Regards, Pamela

Here are the links to the pictures. By the way, a few people have seen a reflection of a face in the TV in the first link, that wasn't part of the TV show that was playing at the time. Again, thank you so much for any help you may be able to provide.

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Re: I need help.

Blessings Pamela,

So sorry to hear of you loss and I really do
understand your loss for my mother in law
died on the operating table.. Her spirit
came to me the day before she died and told
what to expect and happen the next day and that
it was time for her to go and she was tired..
But that was just the beginning. Less than
three hours later from she died her spirit
came to us in an unusual way, my wife, her
neice, a friend and myself were sitting in
our family room.. We all heard..Knock,Knock,
as I went to open the front door, both the
front door and storm door BLEW OPEN AND these
doors went in opposite directions..I felt a
cold Breeze pass thru my soul and being..
this energy landed in my 20 gallon fish tank
and took out the pump! So Ironic was that she
had an heart attack on operating table..

Ok.. Yes, I sense your father's spirit is
around you and his grandson who he adored..
I checked all the pictures and I see orbs
in orbs 1-6, and also on orb5 and orb6 there
is ecro mist aboive you son.. the swirling
white mists are also indicating spiritual
activity. Your family is being watched and
cared for from the Other side.. YOUR LOVE
AND FAMILY'S LOVE will keep you dad alive!

Spiritual energy can and often manipulate
electrical appliances and also and as you
mentioned the various activity..

You mentioned you miscarred.. Your child is
with your father and that is what you are
sensing too. You have other decease family
relatives.. I saw three spirit and two orbs..
I am sensing other family relative that all passed
from various ways.. CAncer appears too..

Great shots and you are not alone or crazy
either.. Your depression is a way the body
shuts down after a tragic loss.. You were
numb and just existing and than the
second loss so soon after you father's

Now, you are going to be visited in various
ways and your son willsee his 'grandpa'
and this will be in dreams and also
in his bedroom.. Your son has his
grandpa looking after him!

Does this help.. Have you been finding
any loose coins around the house.

Also the objects appearing on table
are from him as you thought.. He want
you to keep the faith! There is life
after death!

Blessings to you...
Mystic Merlyn

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Re: I need help.

Thank you so much for your reply, it brought tears to my eyes. Actually yes I did find coins laying around the house. One was a coi with a picture of the pope on it that appeared on the table with a bunch of other religious items. The other was an altoids tin box filled with the state quarters we found when we were cleaning out his drawers after he died. I remember grabbing the box of coins out of my moms hands because she said she was going to spend them. I kept the box so I could finish his collection of them since he couldn't anymore. Your right about my son, when he was about 3 years old we would catch him talking, and ask him who he was talking to, and he said he was talking to grandpa. My sons room is the same room my dad died in. I have always liked having the presence around the house, in a way it makes me feel like my dad still loves me and he isn't gone completely. I really appreciate all the help you have given me.


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