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Could I be a "Sensitive"?

Hello Merlyn,

I just tried posting something to you but I don't think it went through--if it did, I am very sorry for repeating myself and taking up your time!

I'll get to the point: I'm wondering, how does someone know if he or she is a sensitive or not? I'm not even sure what the exact definition of being a sesitive is. Could you help answer these questions for me? The reason I'm asking is because I have had several experiences which I believe to have been supernatural (?correct term?) since a few years back, and even when I was a child. My mother and my (now passed) maternal grandmother also have (or had, in my grandma's case) a "strange" way of sensing things...we are not disturbed by it when it happens. Actually to be honest, it has been just a bit frightening in my case and my mother's. My grandma was never bothered by it in the least.

Thank you for your wonderful site, and for listening to my question.

Re: Could I be a "Sensitive"?

Blessings Emmy,

Ok, let see how can I do this..
I copied this from

Help For Sensitives

Have you ever had a psychic experience?

~Do you get hunches about things coming up in your life?

~Do you sense what is going on with other people's feelings?

~Do you ever get strange sensations when entering a particular room r building?

~You you ever think you see people or shadows out of the corner of your eye, or have a feeling that you are not alone when you know that you are?

~Have you ever known about future events before they happen?

~Do you feel physical sensations (knots in your stomach for example) when you are making a decision that is wrong for you?

~Are you aware of how intuition speaks to you?

~Do you receive information through kinesthetic (physical) sensations, through more cerebral hunches, or through feelings and emotions?

~Chances are good you asnwered "Yes" to at least one of these questions. Without even realizing it you are tapping into your intuitive side. This confirms the answer to the question you have been asking yourself: "Am I really psychic?"

Fast Facts

~Physical evidence in the brain indicates that certain areas and states are most accessible to intuition.

~PSI may actually be a type of mental process or state, such as memory, learning, or consciousness.

~Throughout history, many psychics have been greeted with suspicion or persecution.

~Understanding how intuition works in the first step toward developing it.

~No way of receiving information is better than another...we all receive it uniquely.

~Mediation is a great way to open up to your higher self.

~You can learn to protect yourself from negative energy and foster the positive.

Just some thoughts to think about..

I find that being intuitive gets several
names associated with being a sensitive..
which some call psychic orthers call all
types of names from fortune tellers to

Here are more definitions for you
to look at..

A clairvoyant has intuitive knowledge of people and things.

A clairaudio is intuitively hearing that which is not audio.

Clarisentient, sometimes called "Empathic", intuitively feels people and/or things.

Clairessence is intuitively smelling that which is not present.

Channeler moves themselves out of the way and allows others, such as the angels, to speak or act through them.

So are you confused..hehehe..
What you have to do is to look at your
life and see if there is a pattern
of paranormal events taking place and
what do these experience have in common.

I know that my abilities started first in
prophetic dreams and than over the years
I learn to advance and practice and meditate
on various levels and also always giving
thanks to a 'Hogher source' God..

Does this help...

Mystic Merlyn

Site Name: Uc2enter: Mystic Merlyn's Messages

Thank you so much!

Did you notice how close our emails were sent to one another? My thoughts were falling on you just as you must've been writing a reply to my inquiry to you. This sort of thing happens to me all the time.

YES, your reply and explanation was extremely helpful. I think you just answered a question I already knew the answer to. I guess maybe I just wanted some expert confirmation! You have certainly made me feel confident now that the things I experience (many of those things on the list/s) aren't just "coincidences" or meaningless occurrences. I do believe if I would allow myself to open up a bit more and be willing to receive that which is around us I might see even more. I'm scared to do so, however. I'm comfortable with where I'm at, so for now I'm going to leave it at that.

Thank you so much for your answer, and again, I wish you happiness with your newest "kids". Meow!

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