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Dreams of my Wife.

I guess ill give you a little history since its not really that long. I met my wife in late December 2003 while home on leave. After only a few days we had decided we were the ones for each other. Me being in the military, I didnt have the time to get married right then since i had to report back to work soon. Well time went by and we started setting plans on a light basis. Mid January we found out she was pregnant. April 2004 we were married at which time i took her to where i was stationed. 1 month and 2 days after we were married my wife pased away due to heart problems and we were unable to save the child. Now, as you can imagine this has been hard on me. Especially since before i went to work the day before she passed away i left upset at her and she could tell. She was pretty sad when i left also. It was when i got home she told me she needed to go to the emergency room. So i didnt have to appologize to her the way i would have liked since her condition got worse at a rapid pace. Well now i cant help but wonder if she knows how much i truly love her. I know i didnt do everything i could to show her how much i loved her while she was with me since i didnt truly know myself till she passed away. Well, on the night of our 2 month anniversary it was raining heavy. All of a sudden i heard a loud crash from my living room. I ran in to see what it was and an end table had fallen over. It was an end table with some of my wifes belonging and pictures of her best friends. Now all my animals were in the comp room with me at the time it happened and my room mate was in a different room as well, he had come in to see the reason as well. So i dont know what to think of that. Friends and family memebres also claimed to haev felt or dreamed abotu her on that particular night. All those questions were built up in my mind as i had said before and 3 nights ago i had a dream about her. We were in a strange room and my wife was sitting on a couch dressed in a cross between a all black dress and a all black buisness suit. I do not know what i was asking her and i do not know what she was answering my questions with but i do know i was asking her questions and the answers i got were only making my heart sink more and more in both my dream and reality. at the end of the conversation she reached over and took my wedding ring off my finger and handed it to me. At that point my heart seemed to stop it was then that i woke up and realized it seemed as though my heart had skiped a beat in reality also. It scared me so much not knowing the meaning of that dream since i feel i can be interperated in many ways. I eventually fell back to sleep at which time i had another dream with her in it. She was wearing kinda plain colored clothing of the same type she had in the previous dream a suit/dress. Which is funny cause she never wore anyhting like that. even though i sure would have loved to seen her in something like that, and had told her such on at least on occasion. Well in this dream it was as if she was alive here. I was trying in the dream to convince her to live her life with me and how much i love her. I cant tell for sure if she was even hearing what i was saying or even noticed if i was there. Thats pretty much all there was to them. but they sure scared me to no end. Any advice you can offer on these would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Dreams of my Wife.

Blessings Clayton Russell,

I am so sorry for your losses and that
you are in such inner pain and trying
to find comfort right now will only be
for seconds and that is not what you
want or desire..

Ok, Your dreams of her are what I call
and others call ADC or After Death Communication.
Your first dream was her spirit and her
dark astral appearance was her pain and
upset as to her passing and that she
offered her wedding band as that it was
just not in this lifetime you two were
meant but that she wants you to marry
again but when you see fit.. You need
major time to heal for her, you and your
unborn child too... I am so sorry...

The second dream of her in the gray
is that she has passed over and that
she was being introduced into her
new astral life and that she is
learning too and she may be around
you but that she is also may be
manifesting in other astral forms
to friends and her family.

The table being knocked over is
to let you know that her spirit and
her being/SOUL are with you and her
friends and family.. Because of her
tragic passing and the medical
complications she was unable to
let you know that she LOVED you and
still does but Her spirit is angry
for instead of new life and rejoucing
your love for each other you and her
are in major depression..

My dearest friend.. Seek professional
help just so you can partially cope...
Talk with all friends and family that
will listen.. I want you to know that
she and your child are with you but
that the lapse of our time may take
longer than you know.. She has to
adjust and accept her passing and also
why and that she is away from you..
but that she will continue to be
around you in dreams.. and others
will get dreams too and you will
also get her smells too.. her perfume
and also you will get flowers
sent to you from her.. someone
will send you flowers and she will
be the spirit/soul guiding their hands..

I am so very sorry but at present
that is all I am able to sense or
see for I am not myself either
after loosing two of my family in
a month.. Cajun and Ramsey .. my
cats who are my children for my wife
and I do not have kids...only
the four legged furry kind...

We did adopt two gray tigers,
12 week old kittens, Zak and
Zowie, ( brother and sister)!

Blessings my dear friend..

All I can do for you is to keep
you in my prayers and thoughts..
LIke you right now, I am having
a hard time with my faith..and
prayers too..

But I do want you to have this
angel.. Her beauty comforts all
that she her...

Mystic Merlyn

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