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Merlyn's Forum is open to any subject dealing with metaphysics, dreams, dream interpretations, angels, ADC or 'After Death Communication.' wiccan, pagan ideals, astral travel, ghosts and spiritual advise from mediums, psychics or from other spirited souls. No rules except keep language clean and respect another's opinion. If you like a private reading please leave me a message and email me the private information. In addition, please leave me an email address if you need a reading,or a natal birthchart.. Just email me your: 1. Date of birth -Sun sign 2. Time of birth -Rising sign 3. Place of Bith.. City /State ..etc 4. Birth name. 5. Home address
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Our previous reading

Hi, Merlyn. I'm pretty sure it's really, really over between that guy & me that we were talking about. He's talking to someone else now. You had mentioned you saw us getting together again, albeit a short time. What do you see now?

Re: Our previous reading

Blessings Sheilla,

Well, I thought that I said that you
may meet up with him but that it was
that you and he are not meant to be..
I said that that he has another and
you just proved that part of the reading
for me. I really do not seeing you
with him as a couple maybe just friends..

Sorry.. but I still believe that you will
meet someone new or from your passed..


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