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Good News and Bad news... =^..^= Cajun..

Blessings.. All..

So sorry I have not responded sooner..
I was camping in Southern Ohio..with
Mary and my wiccan mentor. My baby kitty
Cajun died last week in my basement and was
found by Mary.,. Cajun was sick and dying
of Kitty aides and Leukemia.. I just sent his
loving spirit too you for I know that
he is one of my new astral kitties...
Cajun was an adopted kitty that came to
my wife and I about two years ago...
He really started to live with us
since October..

Weird...Cajan came to us right after
my mother in law died in Nov 2002, and
he died so young but I sensed that
Ramsey told him to come to us..
Mary told me that she told Cajun
to stay with us and he did instead
of going off and dying as many cats
and animals do! Tears..

I am sorry if you see this all over this
board but I am really hurt and I am
just so upset! I sense Ramsey will be

You will feel warmth and
a fuzzy feeling by your legs..
you may hear a baby cry or
Meow.... He may lick your leg tooo,,,
I just prayed for you...
and sent you warm energy,,

Here is an (((((((((((((ASTRAL HUG)))))))))))))

I am sad right now..

Happer note...
I just casted my first wicca circle
on the New Moon...All the elements
were there my first bonfire, candles on my
alter ,,, picnic table on porch of cabin
in the woods... Water,,, rain.. and wind...
Awesome wind.. and the woods..
earth,, and my Spirit... I wanted the rain
and wind to stop as part of my wish,
and as I closed the circle the rain and wind
stopped and sun came out.. wild...

Cajun died on Wednesday.

Thursday. I was crying and as I sat
on porch and I asked him for a sign
that he was ok.. and I saw two deer run
thru campsite and a mother kitty
and orange kitty was playing and a
Humming bird came inches of my face
and stopped and than flew away.

Tuesday night, my friend and I saw
a fog appear and than we all noticed
our watches stopped.. D* noticed first...
and than I noticed my was off by 45 min...on Friday..

Weird stuff this last week.. Mary's neices is due
with a baby boy and is late.. she was due last week..

She will be induced on Wednedsay..
Keep her in your prayers too.....
( Update...GOOD NEWS...)

Cole Michael Thomas
J* was born on 6/21/04 at
9:03 pm. in Columbus, Ohio..He was
6 lbs and 21inches long.. Baby was
born via c-section..mommy and baby
are doing good... Mommy had to have
a c section..
YEA I am A Great Uncle...hehehe,,,

This is Cajun and and Ramsey..looks like...
My only picture of Cajun he is sleeping
upper left and RAmsey is lower right..

I need to know that he is loved too on both
sides of the veil.. We are cremating him..
Ashes will be kept on my alter....

I was astrally calling to many of you
on Saturday and Sunday..
Several of you heard heard me... Thanks...

Blessings &
Peace Be With You,
Mystic Merlyn

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Re: Good News and Bad news... =^..^= Cajun..

(((((Merlyn)))) I am so sorry to hear about your loss! I know how it feels to lose a beloved pet. Know we are all here for you! Congrats on the nephew too!

Re: Good News and Bad news... =^..^= Cajun..

Oh Merlyn words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss, I know what its like to lose a friend that is more like family than a pet. I had to have my Angel put to sleep because she had parvo. This happened 2 1/2 months ago and it still hurts. Im sure that your baby kitty will always be around you, again I am so sorry for your loss, I will keep you in my prayers.. Gloria

Re: Good News and Bad news... =^..^= Cajun..

Merlyn, I am so sorry for your loss of Cajun, and the sadness you feel. Please know if I could take your sadness away I would.

Congrats on the arrival of your nephew, my sister is due with her first,July 4th or 8th. We due not know if she will be blessed with a girl or a boy I think it is a girl. This will be the 11th time for me being an Aunt from my side I also have a nephew by marrige.

Thank You for your reply and I never mind if it take awhile for a reply. I understand you do have a life out side of the Puter.

Sorry for the spelling errors spell check not working.

Re: Good News and Bad news... =^..^= Cajun..

Blessings...Gloria, Kay, Tara
and all those caring souls reading this...

I have some good news that helped me with my
friends/kitty's passing...
This happend yesterday...

Well, I was praying today for a sign that Cajun
was ok and that he is around me and I GOT IT!

Before I slept, I prayed to have Cajun give me
a sign that he is ok.. Well, when I awoke I saw
my necklace that I lost that was of a the Chinnese
zodiac sign of the tiger.. I had lost it several weeks
ago and it appeared on my dresser with a fortune
cookie message.. 'You will move to a wonderful
new home within a year!'
Also my wicca broom I got the string broke and my
wife said that it was just moved last week...

I asked my wife if she placed the necklace or
fortune cookie on the dresser and she said that
she did get the fortune cookie last week but that
she did not put place it on the dresser..Too weird..

I feel better knowing that Cajun is around me..

I also wanted to add that I was given an article
from the Cleveland Plain Dealer dated June 24, 2004.
The article was in titled.. Mourning normal and vital
for owners who have lost Susanne Hively, from section E5 (Inside&out)...

The article was very refreshing and also helped me and
my wife with our loss and I wanted to share some very
important highlights from the article..

Ways to ease loss...
1. Having a memorial service might help people intergrate the loss of apet into their life and enable
them to move on.

2. Reminiscing with others about the pet helps with
acceptance of loss.

3. Writing a journal and/or putting pet's photos in
a scape book helps with the loss.

For Survivor's friends..
1. Never say, 'It was just an animal' This minimizes

2. Never say, 'Go out and get a new pet.'
The person will when the time is right;it is different for every person.

3. If a person chooses to confide in you about a pet,
listen in a nonjudgemental way and treat him or her with respect.

For Children..
1. Don't tell children that a deceased pet ran away.
Children might be waiting for it to come back, or
wonder why the pet was so unhappy that it didn't want to live with them.

2. Don't tell children the pet was 'put to sleep.'
This give the illusion that it will wake up someday. Use the proper word,euthanasia, and explain it in
simple terms. The loss, difficult though it might be, can be an educational experience.

3. Answer questions that children ask,but don't give more information they can disseminate.

Here is some helpful websites...

Pet Loss

Pet Loss

Delta Society

Blessings all.. and Thanks...
Mystic Merlyn

In Loving Memory of Cajun...6/16/04

Site Name: Uc2enter: Mystic Merlyn's Messages

Re: Good News and Bad news... =^..^= Cajun..

Thank you for the websites, my children and myself are still in mourning over our puppy Angel, I've tried to expain to my daughter (3 yrs old) that Angel is in heaven and can still see her and watch over her, but she justs runs out to the yard and yells for Angel to come and play, its heart breaking but I know she'll be ok.. As for Angel I've felt her here and know shes ok. I'm sure your baby kitty will always be with you as well, take care of yourself.. and remember to smile (I know its hard)

Re: Good News and Bad news... =^..^= Cajun..

Merlyn, I read this on Shadowlands & Magical Meanderings, too. I'm so sorry you lost your kitty. That has too be hard. I'm certain he's okay, and no longer sick, but I also know that it doesn't necessarily make you feel any less sad.

My thoughts are with you...

Re: Good News and Bad news... =^..^= Cajun..

Hello again,
I am so happy to hear that Cajun is letting you know he is okay and still near. You have been in my thought so much these past couple of days I think that why I dreamt of cats last night.
I needed to rescue, or get to safety my SIL cats. The cats in the dream were not the cat she has now. Both were dark cats I want to say one was black and the other brindle (not calico).I wanted to take them to safety but it was not working. Other stuff in the dream too, but the cats made me think of you.

Happiness Always,

Re: Good News and Bad news... =^..^= Cajun..

Blessings all,

Thanks so much Sheila, Tara, and Gloria
and those caring souls that read this.

I am truely blessed for having such
kind and caring souls who really
do care and feel my pain. Thanks you
so much and I.

I am glad that I was able to help you
Gloria with your present pet passing..
I understand..

Sheila, thanks for your kind words
and by you and others takening a moment
to let me know you are thinking of me
and my wife is very helpful and I thank

Tara, Thank you for your concern and I sense
and feel you heart and I hope the dream
was a good one...

Blessings all,
Mystic Merlyn

Site Name: Uc2enter: Mystic Merlyn's Messages

Re: Good News and Bad news... =^..^= Cajun..

I'm so sorry for your loss Merlyn, I'm here for you if you would like to talk.
Take care,


Re: Good News and Bad news... =^..^= Cajun..

Blessings.. ALL,

Thanks Tara.. I am doing OK...

Here is the my Great Nephew!
Cole Michael ...

Baby Cole

( on Monday 6-28-04)
Also.. Cajun ashes were picked up today at
vet.. Cajun arrived astrally and I saw
him in spirit at the back door about 9:18am
today.. I was watching Rocky Horror Picture show!

Cajun appeared in the doorway and I saw an
orange kitty face and between the backdoor and
refrigerator.. For a second.. I got up to see
if another animal was coming in the house and
there was nothing! Way Kool...moments ticked
by and I saw a face of my friend Cajun!

Mystic is doing the happy dance!

Cajun's and Felix's Asheh are on my alter in
a blessed and sacred space! I did a little blessings
and cleansing of negative space for them to be
with me.. In fact I did feel Cajun at my feet rubbing
his body and fur on my legs.. Hehehe.. Yea...


Site Name: Uc2enter: Mystic Merlyn's Messages

Re: Good News and Bad news... =^..^= Cajun..

I am so happy to hear how well you are doing!Thank you for sharing the picture of Cole.
I'm still awaiting the arrival of my sisters baby, she past her first due date(4th) the second is the 8th. I'm hopping for the 9th.
I am so happy Cajun is still with you,and that you do sound happy.

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