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My beautiful daughter

It doesn't look like anyone gets on here much. I lost my daughter July 30th ...tomorrow marks a month. I feel lost. She drowned. I was always so overprotective of my girls. There were several people at my house that day. I didn't swim that day..everyone got out of the pool..I always left their life support until i could double check the ladder and door. We were going to go out to eat. The girls needed dry clothes. Their life jackets were still on when i went back to the room. I told everyone i was going to the back of the house. I told them to the ladder out and keep an eye out for the girls who were down in the playroom with puppies. I might has well been invisible. The life jackets got taken off ..the door got opened..and i lost a daugther in the matter of time it takes to pick out two outfits. Bc i wasn't listened to. Now i dont have my baby. She would be 3 October 1st. I know i shouldnt blame anyone.. But WHY? I just feel like screaming.

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Re: My beautiful daughter - by BrightEyes - Sep 3, 2010 6:42am
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