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My daughter Valerie

My daughter Valerie was missing for 3 weeks,We posted flyers and called all her friends constantly,Then on 10-1-08 the local news ran a jane doe story about a young woman found dead in a suspected drug house nude and alone in the tub,they had a sketch and gave personal details.That woman was my 18 yr old daughter,she died from a overdose and was left in this house to die alone and then was left alone in the morgue for 3 weeks. The fact that she was left like a piece of garbage to die alone and then unindentified for 3 weeks will haunt me.She could only have a 1 day viewing due to her being deceased since 9-11-08. It also took Detroit police 14 hours to respond to the 911 call.I was told by the medical examiner that they found no clothes or anything else or my daughter's. Then I went to the drug house and went inside the back door was unlocked. There on the living room floor was my daughter's pants,shirt and shoes.I feel like I am in a black hole and will never get out. I dont want to be here because every morning I wake up the pain hurts so bad. I can barely sleep, thoughts of my daughter's life her smile and everything good about her races through my mind, then the thought of her laying dead by herself I can't get it out of my head. Will I feel this much pain for the rest of my life if i do I dont think I can handle it. I have 4 other daughter twins that are 25 and live far away, and a 20 who in a couple of months is moving to the town I live in. I also have a 10 yr old daughter who I am trying to be strong for and I am trying to make sure she is being a normal kid going to school and girl scouts.I dont know what to do with myself I dont even want to take a shower. I have my daughter things and I cant bring myself to go through them. Will someone please help me tell me how to handle this and how to help my other daughters. I feel lost.Thank you Jennifer

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