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This is a new board as the sponsor of the other one has gone out of business

Please feel free to write whatever thoughts you may have. ESPECIALLY, please feel free to reply to those messages where you might be able to offer some help or just because you feel a connection. You can do it on the board or you might want to email that person directly. It is up to you and I truly appreciate it.
Big hugs, Julane

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Amazing Connection with my mom and my babies!!!

I wanted to share my experience with a medium I contacted. Many people have recommended her and she is the real deal! I lost my mom and then miscarried twice, the last one at 14 weeks, after seeing the heartbeat and picture of my baby. I was at my wits end. The medium, Ocallah, was so easy to talk to. She was compassionate and sensitive to my crying jags on the phone. She validated SO much. Information she could not have possibly researched came through ... personal things no one would know! She told me of things I did when I was pregnant, my mom's name, pets that were with them on the otherside! I came away from this with such a healing and sence of peace. I wanted to share in case anyone else was looking for this approch. Her website is and email is

Thanks for listening. This has changed my life!
~ Lynn

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