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This is a new board as the sponsor of the other one has gone out of business

Please feel free to write whatever thoughts you may have. ESPECIALLY, please feel free to reply to those messages where you might be able to offer some help or just because you feel a connection. You can do it on the board or you might want to email that person directly. It is up to you and I truly appreciate it.
Big hugs, Julane

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Re: The whole horrible story

I am so sorry for your loss. The emotional roller coaster that you must be going on is unimaginable. My boss was carrying twins and one of them died in utero in her 6th month, and she had to carry the other to term and was hospitalized for several months. While she gave birth to one healthy baby girl, she also gave birth to a deceased baby girl, and that day will always be bittersweet for her the rest of her life. Your whole life changes from that point on, and I feel so badly for her, and for you. It is so hard to know what to say, as people often don't know the right thing to say, and often put their feet in their mouths. I find that it helps to talk about it whenever you feel like it. My mom always says the best thing to say is I'm sorry. If people have a hard time talking to you about it, it is probably because they don't know what to say, it's not that they don't care. Melissa, I am so very sorry for what you went through, I am praying for your healing, and I believe that you never get over it, but you learn to live with it. You truly do not know how strong you can be until you live through a tragedy, and I have had my share of tragedies. No matter if your child is an adult, or newborn, a loss is a loss, and it is not easy. You are in my thoughts, dear. Peace, Emmy.

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