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This is a new board as the sponsor of the other one has gone out of business

Please feel free to write whatever thoughts you may have. ESPECIALLY, please feel free to reply to those messages where you might be able to offer some help or just because you feel a connection. You can do it on the board or you might want to email that person directly. It is up to you and I truly appreciate it.
Big hugs, Julane

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I lost my daugther 4 months ago

I don't even know where to start because my heart is broke in a million pieces. My angel had seziures for 6 years and know doctor knew what cause them, i quit my job to stay home with her and we had a great 6 years together and she was my best friend and now i don't know what to do, i'm lost and don't know how to deal with this we were so close and now when i get up she's not there. We had a great day on saturday and when i went i when to wake her up she had a seizure in her sleep and that was the first one i have never never heard i always knew but that night i did'n and i don't why i just know i am so longly without her being right beside me for so long and i don't know how to deal with this but i'm trying so hard I just know i need all the prayers i can get to help me get throught this and thank you for listen to me i just needed to get this out and my prayer goes out to all who are going through this

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