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Alien Genetic Engineering, Or God's Creation?

First, we need to start from the beginning...

If there was indeed a "big bang" that started it all, then from this premise we can assess that certain beings had a quantum head start in development over other races of beings, from the result of being at the very beginning of this cataclysmic event. Perhaps thousands, if not millions of years ahead. That said, it would then explain the hypothesis of other advanced beings discovering our place in the universe.

When they arrived, they found several species of primates dwelling here. From those primates, they chose one or more candidates for genetic engineering, the outcome being Homosapiens. The "missing link" as it were, is that period in history where they genetically altered their chosen primate(s). They in turn gave birth to a new, more intelligent species in our known universe.

That said, there is of course much conjecture on this subject...

The theist, pointing to the Bible, will tell you that in accordance with Genesis 6, these beings were not exploring ancient astronauts who were seeking to panspermiate other new found worlds, but rather, fallen angels known as the "Sons Of God" that were cast from heaven. And knowing God's plan, came seeking vengeance against God by deceiving man, beguiling us with their inherent knowledge of hidden things in order to have us worship them as God(s).

Being raised in the Judeo-Christian belief system, as many of us were; we as little children are taught to blindly accept these precepts without question. However, some of us, such as myself, wish to seek further for the answers to so many unanswered and open-ended questions.

In recent history, there were the discovery of certain clay tablets that were unearthed in the region that was once known as Sumeria. It is believed that these Sumerian early ancestors were the product of alien engineering. These alien progenitors are known to us as the "Annunaki". On these tablets are scetched a pictoral language, much like the latter Egyptian heiroglyphics. Some of these pics by their scribes, give us very interesting clues about our beginning. One such pic is that of an alien being holding up a flask, like we would see in a modern day laboratory, suggesting invitro fertilization. Another pic, shows a map of the heavens, with stars in exact order from our perspective of Orions belt, suggesting that this was where they came from.

Today, we hear of crashed spaceships (Area 52) where upon the seizure of the wreckage were found a pictoral language, resembling that of the early languages. And so, could it be that they have never left us and been here the whole while? Suggesting that perhaps they are still dwelling among us and altering our destiny?

And so in the aftermath, we are still left with a mystery. We now know that they were and are indeed present. But for what purpose? Could it be that the Biblical scholars hold the truth? Or are we genetically modified primates?

Peace out, Sean Castleton.