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What Do YOU Think?
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Digital picture orb

Hello. My sister caught two orbs the other day in pictures taken during she and her husband's walk outside their house after dinner. It was during sunset so we recognize lighting can be a factor, however, i have never seen anything so bright and clear, and there are no others around it. It is a highly distinguishable bright blue round light, and in another picture the light has a trail around it as though its in flight or vibrating. My mother passed away a little over a month ago, and my sister just moved into a new house a week ago, so needless to say we have had our mother on our minds a lot and wishing she could be there with us and see our journeys. If there is someone knowledgeable in this area i would love to be able to email the pictures out to get your opinion and/or add to someones research. Please let me know, thank you.