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What Do YOU Think?
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I was a former advisor Willowmoon on I had my listing for 15 years.
They completely cut me off and my listing and will not release any intellectual property to me, like all the articles I wrote. I was a successful advisor and most of my clients loved me and rated me highly. I was one of the few who had training, and my bachelor's degree. One night, I was at my computer, and I had noticed my balance going up 50.00. Someone had accessed my keen account, most likely someone who worked there and knew my password drafted over 50.00 from my bank account, I just about fell out of my chair. When I contacted CS the next day on the phone, I was told I had to temporarily close my account so they could investigate. I got an email later that day, stating that my claim was not valid, and my account would remain permanently closed. WHAT. Then I'm told that my pay for that day, would be sent a month later when they did the monthly checks that I signed up for this. I never signed up for monthly checks and demanded my direct deposit. I get a fair play inquiry back recently, stating that they would deposit my money in increments by direct deposit. WHAT. These people are not playing with a full deck, they are intentionally trying to hurt me, after an 11,000 rating. I seriously question the ethics they operate on, and why they are treating me horribly, I cannot understand all of a sudden. The feeling I'm getting is they will prey off your deepest fears and vulnerabilities. I can't tell you how many times I have been screwed over by lying psychics, lying psychic companies who prey off your talent. I can't believe what is going on. I have written to the BBB, DOJ, and reported the incident to the IC3 as advised so they can look up around the country all the complaints, the ones I found were horrendous in San Francisco. I feel sorry for the victims and advisors who got screwed by this network. All I can say, was that I cared about my clients, advised them wisely, and was known, yes there were some who no matter what you said, it would be wrong, and they were negative from the beginning, but for the most part, I did fairly well. What I
hated the most, is how took half of my income, and just cut me off, after they are trying to cover up fraudulent activity. Has anyone else experienced torture from this site? I have been misled by a lot of advisors who took my money, then blocked me, or upped their price so high that I couldn't call back. They don't care about you, as an advisor, I need advice too, and the abuse I experienced with the mean advisors were damaging to me.
There are only a few that may be real, and I was one of them. The dirty tacticts they pulled on me recently has me seriously questioning. They are not fair, they don't care whether you live or die, and they will set you up, so be careful, I was set up. If you confront them on their shady practices, be prepared to lose your listing.