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What Do YOU Think?
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The Crucible is Actually A True Story, Loosely Based On A Colonial Alien Invasion

I assume some of you know of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible"... At first glance, it seems like a simple sad story about the witch trials in Salem, MA. An old man has committed adultery with a young child and there seems to be witchcraft afoot in Salem. Have you ever noticed how clever John's mistress, Abby, is? She's inhumanly manipulative and seems to be way too intelligent for an uneducated 12 year old girl... This is because she wasn't human at all. Abigail Williams, an actual girl, was not just an accuser of witches in Salem, but also accused of witchery. Untold in this story is the scene when Giles sees Abigail in the woods feasting upon the heart of a mongoose. What most don't know is that Abby is actually a snake-human hybrid from the 8th moon of Poosh in the Andramada system. Her kind came down in a ship in the shape of a penis. They camouflaged the ship in leaves and to this day it stands as an oak tree outside of a church in salem. ##################$### was the name of the ships captain who disguised herself as Abby. The creatures are all female and cried out witchery to get rid of all the other women in salem so they could mate with all the human males. Although their plan did not work most of them were still able to reproduce and send their offsprings out on our world. I tell you all this because their population is growing. So if you are ever alone in a room with an attractive woman and she wants to have sex with you, don't. She's just an alien who wants to give you hardcore oral. Instead find the nearest lego castle you can and hit that lizard ***** straight in the *****

Re: The Crucible is Actually A True Story, Loosely Based On A Colonial Alien Invasion

Ugh I'm tired of this media brainwashing! I KNEW that even the sacred THEATER had been infiltrated by ALIEN KIND.