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A gathering and discussion area for the Hollywood Investigator's (and Weekly Universe's) hugely vast family of readers to gather and discuss the shocking articles in America's favorite family newspapers!!!

What Do YOU Think?
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Looking for a hunter...

I'm looking for a vampire hunter...simply to get information. Now I really dont want any closed minded people to reply to this...its really quite annoying.
You see I'm a rather curious vampire...I like getting asked questions and I like answering them but then I always love to ask them back.
Would you care to chat? I could answer anything you ask...unless its a little too personal. I would hate to give out too much.
I hope to hear from you soon, Dear Slayer.

-A Bold Vampire

Re: Looking for a hunter...

im not a hunter but a delieverance minister if you want free from your addictions/demons ill help im suer you have had paranormal expierances i can help to explain them for you if you want to chat