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What Do YOU Think?
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Scariest experience of my life!

I have been seeing ghosts for a long time! However what i am about to tell you is the most terrifying and disturbing thing that i have ever been through.
My fiance's parents live in edmonton alberta. We go there every 12 days to visit my fiance;s daughter. The parents house is a basic home, on a 2 acre lot. The basement. Well...i always felt uneasy done there, and so have many others. Animals will not even go down there. Long story short. The one night i went down into the basement bedroom, and as i was walking across an old drum set, i saw this young girl. She has the blackest eyes i have ever seen, and wore a very ratty white sun dress. As soon as i saw her ( my fiance was with me-he didnt see anything) she came running straight at me. Of course i FREAKED OUT SCREAMING! Later on the next day i told my fiance's dad about what i saw, and apparently my fiances sister had saw the exact same thing. I let it go. Just recently i went into the basement again, and saw the same thing. Later on the night i had a horrible dream of that little girl and of this man playing the drums and she was standing beside him, and he was abusing her to a horrible state then finally murdered her in a very disgusting horrific way. Once i had woke, i called my fiance's sister and she could tell i was in a panic and told her that i had, had this awful dream aout the girl, ad before i could even tell her what the dream was, she had the exact same one! What do i do?- and how do i help this young girl, who is obviously trapped in misery????

Re: Scariest experience of my life!

Ask her what she wants/needs. Maybe check some old news about murder, mystery disappearing or a missing girl. I guess you are blessed to help this girl.