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What Do YOU Think?
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marching soldiers in my back yard!

this evening at around 9pm I was sitting on my back porch with my dogs. I live in the Lakemont area of Roswell...suddenly the dogs and I could hear what at first sounded like lone footsteps walking through the leaves in my back yard. My yard is fenced. The noise became more intense and grew into what seemed like a group of soldiers marching (if wearily) through my yard. My lab was especially spooked and growled like crazy. I froze and simply listened for a while. The sound kept coming then fading out periodically. I didn't hear any voices, just weary trudging of boots on leaves and mud.
I walked down into the yard and saw nothing but still heard the sound of marching men. My dogs were very spooked by something but didn't seem to want to rush out and chase after anyone...they seemed confused by the sound.
can anyone explain what this might have been? It was so bizarre and unexpected.

thank you!