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What Do YOU Think?
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It's so sudden

A little while ago, me and my mother were reveiwing christmas pictures at my sisters house on her digital camera. I had noticed the first time we reveiwed the pictures there seemed to be an orb by my brother, be we were not sure, I had beleived it, so did my aunt, but no one else. Well, when we were looking at them again,and there were orbs in almost every picture. After looking at the pictures we counted 13 orbs that I had spotted. Well, I have recently experienced weird things in my room. Noises, thats all. Just being curious, I took my moms camera and took pictures in my room, and in the living room, to see if there was anything 'unusual' in them. And when I reveiwed the pictures... There were orbs in them!!! I'm just wandering, is this pure coincidence? My sister does not know there are orbs in there house, but we cant tell her because she would flip. Should we just ignore the fact that there orbs in our house? And in the pictures at my sisters house, there were no orbs around my 2 neices, one a baby, one about 6. I thought that was odd.