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Orbs photographed around my house

I have been taking pictures of orbs around my house for a few years now. Some of my family say it is something wrong with my mobile phone camera as I managed toi photo graph them and no one else did. Now I have a new canon camera (Expensive) that my family bought me for my 40th wedding aniversary and I am still capturing orbs. Is my new camera also fault, I think not. Sometimes the orbs are like spotlights with smaller duller ords around them. I take most when my Grandchildren are around. It is not scary they just seem to float about the place, is this quite common.

Thanks Jimmymac

Re: Orbs photographed around my house

Well I do get a lot of orbs in my photos too, personally I think it it just dust of the camera or light reflected or something, but it could be actual 'orbs'.